Open your doors to new opportunities.


What do we do?

Our goal is to create a vibrant, social sports community around your offerings and no cost to you!  We are a group of passionate sports enthusiasts on a mission to open up access to all things recreation in communities around the world.  Whether you're a rec department, sports complex, school, church, or someone just who loves organizing sports groups and events, we all share this goal in common.  Here's how we can help:


Drop In Programs & Activities

  • On-demand registration
  • Paperless waivers and payments
  • Easy discovery for local players
  • Expand your reach by creating a social experience

Facility rentals

  • Reduced admin overhead
  • Requests only for available times
  • Easy discovery for local organizations and renters
  • Schedule system integrations as needed


Here's what they have to say...


Todd Badger, Recreation supervisor

"Squadz has been a game changer for us.  They've modernized the way we run our current drop-in sports programs, and the feedback has been great from our community.  Their team is always open to ideas and quick to act." 


terry knickerbocker, sports ministries director 

"Squadz has helped generate a whole lot of interest in our space for rentals and leagues.  We've also been able to engage with existing members and attract new people from the community through our open gyms."


Sylvano Simone, Director and head coach

"Squadz has simplified work for my administrative staff and helped us engage with new customers around the Bay Area."

What's there to lose? Partner with us today and join the movement.

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